STEWARDSHIP 2023: The 100% Campaign

With joy and with hope, the Stewardship Committee here announces the launch of the 100% Campaign. The 100% Campaign will be running throughout the season of Lent and aims to demonstrate the strength and breadth of our very special community here at St. Chrysostom’s by inviting each and every one of us—from those who have been here for decades to those who have been here for weeks—to stand up and to be counted by making a 2023 financial pledge.

As many of you are aware, St. Chrys is in the process of searching for a new Rector.   The best and most sought-after candidates, the ones who have what it takes to ensure that our community will thrive in the next decade, will be drawn to a church with a broad, strong, and financially supportive community.  St. Chrys, we know, is just such a community—and the aim of the 100% Campaign is to demonstrate this truth!

We know that we are blessed with many people who have just discovered St. Chrys over the past year or even the past month.  We also know that in this age of webcast services, the St. Chrys community spans well beyond Dearborn Street.  Maybe you don’t find yourself on Dearborn Street, or even in Chicago, too often these days. In this brave new virtual world, the ties that bind us together transcend the four walls of our sanctuary. Whoever you are, and wherever you find yourself on the journey of faith, we invite you to stand up and be counted!

Each and every pledge, of whatever amount you feel able to contribute, is cherished here at St. Chrys—just as each and every member of our community is cherished.   And each and every pledge furthers the aims of the 100% Campaign, by emphasizing your commitment to membership in our congregation and in our community.

Please stand up and be counted by making a pledge today at, or by simply emailing our Director of Operations, Tim Crum, at [email protected].  If you are interested in learning a little more about what a pledge is and what the money goes towards, please see this brochure here:

Throughout this year, we will be expressing our gratitude to our 2023 pledgers by adding the names of those who make a 2023 pledge to the St. Chrysostom’s web site. And to those who have already made your pledge for 2023, thank you!

Jeff Ammons

Merrick & Lindsey Axel

Ross & Katie Baker

John Bankhurst & Ryan Kin

Pamela Bardo

Sarah Begel

Lynn Belding

Kate Bensen

Charles & Nancy Berg

Sarah Berghorst & John Geis

Lisa & Ken Bommer

Barbara & John Brightman

Will Bouvel & Frederick Grier

Jonathan Boyer & Judith Stockdale

Noelle Brock

Judy Bross

Timothy & Jacqueline Bryant

Jack Butler & John VanderLinden

Judith Caraher

Austin & Isabel Carpenter

Walter & Mary Carr

Paul Cavalli & Jack McKenney

Jose & Macol Stewart Cerda

Mary Ellen Christy

Linda Coberly

John Covell & Connie Frydenlund

Christina Cox

Caroline Cracraft

John Craib-Cox

Susanna Craib-Cox & Jason Rosenblatt

Liz & Adam Cramton

John & Laurel Cravens

Tim Crum & Yousef Wally

Ben & Cory Daverman

Frances DeBlasio

Bradley & Peter Dehaan

Jack Denison

Candice & Scott Dias

Dee Jarrett Dow

John & Carol Eding

Elizabeth Ellsworth

Geoffrey & Angie Euston

William & Mary Jo Fairbanks

TJ & Karen Ferrantella

Aaron & Whitney Fershee

Clark Fetridge

Patrick & McLaurin Files

Spence & Ashley Fischer

Charles Fisher

Mark & Laura Fisher

Paul Frederick

James & Marilynn Frederiksen

Martha & Richard Gano

J.S. Garbutt

John & Sally Gardner

Matthew & Lindsay Garrison

John & Weezie Gates

Ben George

C. Gary & Virginia Gerst

Larry & Louise Green

William Haddad

Karen Hagberg

Ginger & Del Hall

Bill Harnett & Patty Grauf

Michelle Harrington & Jeffrey Dykstra

Ainsley Harris

Lindsay & Carter Hawkins

Alex & Sarah Helfers

Richard & Marilyn Helmholz

Rick & Ann Herrick

William & Barbara Herzog

Hilton & Kimberly Hudson

Charlie & Caroline Huebner

Abigail Hymen & Matthew Griffin

Alexander & Petra Jacobs

Sarah & Ryan Jacox

Evan & Julie Jahn

Karen & Neil Kawashima

Jonathon & Katherine And Jon Keuler

Tom & Elizabeth Kohlbeck

Jay & Silvia Krehbiel

Steve Kubiak

Barbara Lammiman

Andi Lamoreaux

Bob & Patricia Lane

Judith Langendorff

Linda Larsen

Jim & Wende Lawson

Edmund Lester

Michael & Suzanne Lisle

Luke Matthews

Kevin Matzke & Jacqueline Griesdorn

John McLees & Bozena Nowicka McLees

Karen Meader

Mark & Bettina Michaels

Stephen & Kimberly Moffat

Alice Moss

Lynn Murphy

James & Suzanne Neaylon

Gregory Nigosian

Brian & Teri Odom

Thomas Opferman

John Palfrey & Catherine Carter

Chad Parsons

John & Laura Patterson

John & Karen Pickford

Cynthia R. & David Polayes

Bob & Betsy Popovich

Sam Portaro & Christopher Dionesotes

Mike & Meredith Pruyn

Brian & Alyssa Quinlan

Christopher & Kristin Quinn

Leontine Radler

Kristin Rakowski & Cliff Berlow

Dorothy Ramm

Elizabeth Raymond & Paul Hybel

Priscilla Read & Tom Weiss

Lauren Rector

James & Christel Reum

Kathleen Rice

Elizabeth Richter

Jim Rocks

Adelaide Rogula

Kathleen Ross & George Ferguson

Janet & Carl Russo

John & Amanda Rutledge

Jane Nicholl Sahlins

Michael Sammon

Alex & Kristine Sasieta

David & Heidi Saunders

Sarah Schrup

Karen & Mary Seda

Conrad Selnick & Liz Eaton

Richard & Diana Senior

Michael & Taylor Sevier

Tom & Pam Sheffield

Eleanor W. Tippens

Gilbert & Jill Valentine

Albert & Virginia Van Alyea

Anne Van Amerongen

Cooper Warner & Alexandria Shomber

Robert P. Valente

Ahadi White

Patricia White

Priscilla Whittier

Larry & Sherri Wick

Martin & Angie Yorath

Michael & Gretchen Zook