Dear Friends, 

On behalf of the vestry, staff, and people of St Chrysostom’s Episcopal Church and Day School, I extend my heartfelt thanks to you for your dedication to the mission and ministry of this congregation. St Chrysostom’s sits in the heart of this great city as a welcoming community of faith dedicated to worship, outreach, and fellowship, serving our neighbors across Chicago for more than 130 years. Your contributions to the mission and ministry of this parish are greatly appreciated! In this time of transition, it is imperative that we all pull together to financially support the ongoing vitality of St Chrysostom’s through the upcoming stewardship season. 

St. Chrysostom’s is not just a building for worship or a school for children; not just a priest or a single ministry. It is a community of people, coming together in service of God and one another, contributing to each other, and to God, so that the Gospel Good News about the Kingdom of Heaven – with all its healing, reconciling, forgiving love – can be continually spread. Our ever-divisive and fearful world desperately needs to hear what we know about our sure and certain hope as an Easter people. From world-class music offerings to life-changing outreach ministries; from a highly respected Day School to meaningful worship, pastoral care, Christian education, and countless opportunities for fellowship and community, St. Chrysostom’s is a vibrant, active, thriving community of faith. 

Of course, all of this takes money. For most of us, it is hard to know how much to pledge to the church. Perhaps some benchmarks will help you consider your 2024 pledge. One way to consider your 2024 pledge is to calculate a percentage of your net income, starting at 3.5% and increasing it by .5 or 1% year to year. This method is especially important for those on a fixed income and balances the giving among the entire congregation, regardless of income. 

My personal belief is that what we give in support of the mission of St. Chrysostom’s reflects our relationship with God and one another. Giving is as much a spiritual exercise as it is a financial one! “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” (Matthew 6:21). We give out of thanksgiving for what we have received – it’s as simple and as difficult as that.

My friends, 2024 is a pivotal year in the life of this wonderful and vibrant congregation as you receive your next rector. This is an exciting time for St. Chrysostom’s, a time full of hope, promise, and new life. Prayerfully consider how you will give to the support of your mission here so that God’s dream of unity and reconciliation, healing and mercy, compassion and grace continues to flow from Dearborn Parkway for generations to come. 

Peace and blessings be upon you!

+ The Rt. Rev. Whayne M. Hougland, Jr., Interim Rector






2024 Honor Roll

Jeff Ammons
Ross & Katie Baker
John Bankhurst & Ryan Kin
Pamela Bardo
Sarah Begel
Lynn Belding
Charles & Nancy Berg
Sarah Berghorst & John Geis
Lisa & Ken Bommer
Jonathan Boyer & Judith Stockdale
Barbara & Jon Brightman
Noelle Brock
Judy Bross
Judith Caraher
Austin & Isabel Carpenter
Walter & Mary Carr
Paul Cavalli & Jack McKenney
Scott Cenar
Jose & Macol Stewart Cerda
Mary Ellen Christy
Christina Cox
Caroline Cracraft
John Craib-Cox
Susanna Craib-Cox & Jason Rosenblatt
Liz & Adam Cramton
Frances DeBlasio
Jack Denison
Candice & Scott Dias
Dee Jarrett Dow
John & Carol Eding
James & Kim Elbaor
Elizabeth Ellsworth
Geoffrey & Angie Euston
William Fairbanks
TJ & Karen Ferrantella
Aaron & Whitney Fershee
Clark Fetridge
Patrick & McLaurin Files
Ashley Fischer
Mark & Laura Fisher
Paul Frederick
James & Marilynn Frederiksen
Martha & Richard Gano
Stuart & Cindy Garbutt
John & Sally Gardner
John & Weezie Gates
Ben George
Bob & Dottie Grieb
Karen Hagberg
Ginger & Del Hall
William Harnett & Patty Grauf
Michelle Harrington & Jeffrey Dykstra
Ainsley Harris
Alex & Sarah Helfers
Richard & Marilyn Helmholz
Ann Herrick
William & Barbara Herzog
Douglas Hoffman
Anne Hokin
Charlie & Caroline Huebner
Abigail Hymen & Matthew Griffin
Alexander & Petra Jacobs
Sarah & Ryan Jacox
Kate Bensen
Brad & Jody Kapnick
Karen & Neil Kawashima
Elizabeth Kohlbeck
Barbara Lammiman
Andi Lamoreaux
Bob & Patricia Lane
Judith Langendorff
Linda Larsen
Jim & Wende Lawson
Jean Leavengood
Edmund Lester
Michael & Suzanne Lisle
Luke Matthews
Kevin Matzke & Jacqueline Griesdorn
John McLees & Bozena Nowicka McLees
Karen Meader
James & Suzanne Neaylon
Thomas Opferman
John & Karen Pickford
Cynthia R. & David Polayes
Bob & Betsy Popovich
Sam Portaro & Christopher Dionesotes
Mike & Meredith Pruyn
Brian & Alyssa Quinlan
Christopher & Kristin Quinn
Leontine Radler
Dorothy Ramm
Priscilla Read & Tom Weiss
Lauren Rector
Tobin & Libbet Richter
Donna Robertson & Robert McAnulty
Jim Rocks
Kathleen Ross & George Ferguson
Jane Sahlins
Michael Sammon
Alex & Kristine Sasieta
Matt & Meg Sauer
Frank & Joanne Schell
Sheryl Scott
Karen & Mary Seda
Conrad Selnick & Liz Eaton
Richard & Diana Senior
Michael & Taylor Sevier
Thomas & Pam Sheffield
Mr. & Mrs. Nathan Swift
Eleanor W. Tippens
Robert Valente
Gilbert & Jill Valentine
Albert & VIrginia (“Ginny”) Van Alyea
Anne Van Amerongen
Patricia White
Priscilla Whittier
Larry & Sherri Wick
Martin & Angie Yorath
Michael & Gretchen Zook