Webinar Series to Explore Church Racial History

Episcopal Church Webinar Series on Exploring the Racial History of the Church

Please consider joining the webinars being presented at 6:00 to 7:30 central time on three upcoming Wednesday evenings, January 25 and February 1 and 8, by The Moravian-Episcopal Coordinating Committee’s Racial Reconciliation Working Group on “Past Reckoning: Exploring the Racial History of the Moravian and Episcopal Churches:
  Jan. 25 – Evangelizing Enslaved People: Good News or Control?
  Feb. 1 – The Silent Protest Parade: Responses to Racial Violence and Black Leadership in the Church     
  Feb. 8 – The Church and the City: Integration, Segregation, and White Flight
These webinars will make connections between our past and present to encourage the anti-racism work in which we are engaging now.
You can register to participate in one of more of the webinars at the following link: