Small Groups in Formation for Lenten Study

We invite parishioners to gather once again in small groups throughout Lent for study and thoughtful reflection. The book chosen for this year is “Holy Solitude, Lenten Reflections with Saints, Hermits, Prophets and Rebels” by Heidi Haverkamp, writer, preacher and Episcopal priest. Some parishioners may remember Heidi who from 2016-2017 served as Associate Rector at St. Chrysostostom’s.

In this book, Heidi offers thoughtful daily reflections and practical spiritual disciplines to discover how time in solitude can open our eyes, ears, minds and hearts to the still, small voice of God – and transform us for a life of faith and service. In recommending the book for study, Rev. Whayne said, “What makes it interesting to me in a group context is the potential learning and growth found in sharing and listening to each other’s reflections. A bit of an unorthodox type of study? Yes. The conversation shifts from being one with the author and one with each other’s experience of God and faith. It is a very Lenten exercise.”

The following groups are scheduled at this time. If you would like to host a small group in your home or at the church, or if you wish to be connected to a group, please email Brandon Bowman in the church office at [email protected] or call 312.944.1083. Updated information will be offered as the groups are formed, and study guides will be provided for each week.

Sundays beginning on February 11

Adult Forum at 9:00am in the Guild Room, facilitated by Rev. Whayne or Rev. Conrad Selnick

Thursdays at 5:30pm 

At Church Family Group with Childcare, Harding Room and Gym

Contact Michelle Harrington at [email protected] to join this study group